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International Transport

Topeks is specialized in international transportations for global leaders in the express mail service from the USA, Holland, Germany and Italy but we also cover some fixed routes in Western Europe. To equal requirements of each client and also grow up the level of our services, through some investment. Moreover we care of our employees’ qualifications.

Our routes include countries such as: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Holland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal. We can also offer an express delivery service in all Eastern Europe depending on our client request.


Our company provides the express transport services in other words the delivers of goods with the utmost importance deadline. Consider the requirements of client the shipment has been done with single or double drivers to reach the place of unloading as soon as possible.

Thanks of qualified and experienced drivers each entrusted us task, we complete with involvement and confidence that your goods will arrive in intact condition.

Each journey is a new experience…

Operating on the international transport market for 7 years

We employ over 100 employees - best drivers!

We transport over 1200 loads monthly!

We drive over 500,000 kilometers a month!