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About us

Topeks operates in the international transportation sector since 2011. We are proud of our highly qualified ad experienced team that allowed us to maintain a constant financial stability while experiencing a positive dynamic development.

Our key partnership with italian company, one of the most important Italian companies in our sector, allowed us to gain a new international client base that we exclusively service.

Punctuality and reliability

In order to deliver our promise to our clients Topeks trucks and trailers are equipped with a double satellite system that enables real-time monitoring of the goods carried.
This is secured by two additional services:

  • A call center available 24h a day, 7 days a week that will respond to every
    need of our client
  • An insurance policy against thefts and damages (C.M.R)

Topeks headquarters are located in Radom, Polond and our main partner has its operatives offices in Piacenza, an Italian city famous for its strategical location from a logistical perspective.

TRANSPORT is not only our JOB but also our GREAT PASSION!